Thursday, March 30, 2006
Divine moments....
Gurfateh to all!

Divine moments of happiness are really diffcult to express. But I’ll try my best here as I mention about the kirtan done by the students (they call themselves vidyarthi despite having all the knowledge of Gurbani & Gur sikhi jeewan!), of Baba Fateh Singh Ji Academy, Israna Sahib Panipat. Yes I forget we are all indeed students and here to learn....

I was awestruck when I saw them. Dressed in kesri pugs & a forn colour chola , these four students(Khalsas) mere presence makes you feel that Guru Maharaj is right here! One can’t look at them, I mean there is such nur & bakshish on them that you just can’t stare at them. At least I didn’t dare look at them. I was simply happy to have Guru de pyare over that evening: 21st of March!

So the kirtan started at about 8.15pm with the Jap of ‘Waheguru’ and then they began singing shabads. The one shabad that has stayed in my mind & heart since that day is ‘Mil Mere Gobind Apna Naam Deho…’
It was just beautiful and the way they sang, it seemed to me I was in heaven (yeah I was in the Gurudware ji). The harmonium, the table and the 3rd instrument I don’t remember its name were being played so beautifully. And when you sing Gurbani with all your heart, the sangat receive the vibes. Doh shabad paran toh baad unna ne benti kiti ki sab sangat vi naal shabad paran, kyunki tahi assa saareya nu laabh milega. Khalsa Ji requested the sangat to come and sit closer (as you must have seen generally the sangat likes to go and sit right behind). He said this is important as we do not know from who’s soul one gets the positive vibrations. As they say sangat vich hi Guru baithe honde ne aur sanu pata nai chalda! Khalsa Ji said that Ragis are not necessarily ones who sit on the stage doing kirtan; sangat vich vi raagi ya kirtaniye baithe hon ge. Khalsa Ji also said more than listening to kirtan it was more important to sing ourselves. How else will the Guru ki Bani settle in our hearts & our souls!

Khalsa Ji ne benti kiti ki kesa di bedbi na karo… Maharaj ne beyunt ditta hai assa sareya nu lekin assi Guruaa di Laaj nahi rakh rahe haa….. Guru Ji nu dukh deh rahe haa…

When they finished the last shabad I just wanted them to go on and on…I didnt want this beautiful feeling, that time to stop……And when I tried to open my eyes somehow they couldn’t as there was tears on the eyelids but I did manage to open my eyes and I was surprised to see the Gurudwara packed with sangat! That is the magic of Bani sung from the heart… I wish everyone of us gets to enjoy Guru Ki Bani……

‘Dhur Ki Bani Aayee Tin Saglee Chint Mitayee
Dayaal Purakh Mehervaana Har Nanak Sach Vakhana’
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