Sunday, January 29, 2006
'Hukme Andar Sabh ko Bahar Hukum Na koye'

Gurfateh ji

Assi roz paath karde haan aur 'JAPJI SAHIB' vich parde haan 'HUKME ANDAR SABH KO BAHAR HUKUM NA KOE' lekin assa vich eh himmat aur sojhi nahi heggi ki assi Guruji da eh hukum man sakkiye. Assi dol janne haan jaddo mushkal sama aaonda hai. Like when a bad news comes especially when you hear someones passed away (a family freind's son passed away) how difficult it is for us to digest this news. We wonder why such a wonderful person had to have such a painful death. Life as everyone says does go on, we have to go on with our daily routines but do we really understand Maharaj da Hukum! Just yesterday was reading this shabad 'Suraj Kiran Mile Jal ka Jal Huya Raam' and I never thought that the next day I'd have to wake up to hear that someone had passed away. Am not that strong that I could face such matters with braveness. One thing that I do realize is that life is very precious and we mustnt waste anytime and remember Waheguruji as much as we can. Waheguruji assa saareya nu naam di daat sewa di daat bakhshish karan te sadiyan aneka bhulla maaf karan.
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