Monday, February 20, 2006
Guru Nanak Dev ji's love for Bhai Lehnaji

Gurfateh to all

There are many sakhis about our Gurus, sakhis I have really enjoyed listening to. They simply take one to that time & that period that our Gurus lived in. One of the many sakhis of Guru Nanak Dev ji I’d like to share with you. (Please correct me wherever you feel I may have gone wrong)

One day Guru ji was very happy and he was distributing gifts to everyone. The Sangat came to ask him whatever they wished for and he went on giving gifts to them with all humilty & kindness. Then Guru ji asked Bhai Lehna ji (his companion) what he wanted, and Bhai Lehna ji said ‘Menu datan nahi chaidi , menu Data chaida hai’ ( I don’t want gifts, I only want my Lord.) When Guru Nanak Devji heard this , he told Bhai Lehna ji
‘Tu Mera Lehna , Te Mein Tenu Dena’ , and then Guru ji showered him with all his love and said to Lehna ji , ‘Aj to tu mera ang hai’ (You are a part of me now). And then Guruji renamed Bhai Lehna ji as Angad , and also passed on the Gurgaddi to him. Bhai Lehnaji became Guru Angad Dev ji.
One day Guru ji asked Bhai Lehna ji to make a ‘thara’(a seat) for him. Guru ji had asked his sons first but they refused and so he asked Bhai Lehna ji. Bhai Lehna ji with all the love, dedication & the respect he had for Guru ji made one thara. However Guru ji didn’t like it and asked him to break it and make another. Second time too Bhai Lehna ji failed to please Guru ji but he never lost his patience and went on to make another. Like this Bhai Lehna ji was asked to make the thara countless times and finally when he made one Guru ji was so happy. All this while Guru ji had been testing Bhai Lehna ji. Guruji took many tests of Bhai Lehna ji and then passed on the ‘Paatshahi’ to him for he was humble, devoted & truely loved Guru ji.

There is so much inspiration when we listen to these sakhis based on our Guru’s lives. I hope we could incorporate small deeds of humilty, kindness & selflessness in our lives too. And if you have any sakhis to share please do so. I’ll be too happy to learn.
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  • At Monday, March 20, 2006, Blogger Gurjeet Kaur

    hmm bhanji isn't that saakhi of the thara about bhai rama ji and [guru] raam daas ji when guru amar daas ji was testing them?

  • At Saturday, April 08, 2006, Blogger Puneet Kaur

    Fateh Gurjeet ji

    Am not sure of the sakhi that you're talking about.I could be wrong ji as I heard it from my mother so please correct me. I shall be grateful.

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