Thursday, June 01, 2006
Shukrana Maharaj...
Gurufateh to all Guru de pyare

This picture from Gurudwara Panja Sahib, Pakistan speaks volumes... Just as Guru Nanak Dev Ji did kirpa at this pawan asthan when he stopped the the big rock that Wali Kandhari was dropping from a hill top, with HIS PANJA... I believe HE is forever blessing HIS pyare who remember HIM...

I would like to share with you my happiness today as Guru Maharaj has been so kind that the trying times we had been going through have come to an end, atleast for now. With your good wishes and above all Maharaj has heard everyone's Ardas!

Am left speechless and cant believe how kind Guru ji has been...i don’t think I could ever thank Maharaj enough for the endless times HE has shown mercy, HIS love, HIS concern... in so many ways.

But I have another Ardas to do today… not only to thank HIM but to ask HIM that I may forever remember HIM...NEVER DOUBT HIM...

As I remember Guru ji with shukrana I remember this shabad...

'Main Charey kunda Bhaliyaa Tudh Jevad Na Sayeeyan....'
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  • At Friday, June 02, 2006, Blogger Sikhi Seeker

    We share your delight to hear that the tough times have passed. Thank God for that.

    Please do tell the english translation of the shabad that you have mentioned here.

    Chardi Kala!

  • At Saturday, June 03, 2006, Blogger Puneet Kaur

    GuruFateh Sikhi Seeker Ji

    Thank u for ur kind words ji. May Guru Maharaj bless u with happiness & Naam always...

    Below is the translation of the shabad u had asked for. I hope this is fine and u like the shabad.. it is one of my favourites ji :)

    This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Maaroo on Pannaa 1098 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib JI

    pauVI ]
    mnu locY hir imlx kau ikau drsnu pweIAw ]
    mY lK ivVqy swihbw jy ibMd buolweIAw ]
    mY cwry kuMfw BwlIAw quDu jyvfu n sweIAw ]
    mY dishu mwrgu sMqho ikau pRBU imlweIAw ]
    mnu Ariphu haumY qjhu iequ pMiQ julweIAw ]
    inq syivhu swihbu Awpxw sqsMig imlweIAw ]
    sBy Awsw pUrIAw gur mhil bulweIAw ]
    quDu jyvfu horu n suJeI myry imqR guosweIAw ]12]

    pourree ||
    man lochai har milan ko kio dharasan paaeeaa ||
    mai lakh virrathae saahibaa jae bi(n)dh buolaaeeaa ||
    mai chaarae ku(n)ddaa bhaaleeaa thudhh jaevadd n saaeeaa ||
    mai dhasihu maarag sa(n)theho kio prabhoo milaaeeaa ||
    man arapihu houmai thajahu eith pa(n)thh julaaeeaa ||
    nith saevihu saahib aapanaa sathasa(n)g milaaeeaa ||
    sabhae aasaa pooreeaa gur mehal bulaaeeaa ||
    thudhh jaevadd hor n sujhee maerae mithr guosaaeeaa ||12||

    My mind longs to meet the Lord; how can I obtain the Blessed Vision of His Darshan?
    I obtain hundreds of thousands, if my Lord and Master speaks to me, even for an instant.
    I have searched in four directions; there is no other as great as You, Lord.
    Show me the Path, O Saints. How can I meet God?
    I dedicate my mind to Him, and renounce my ego. This is the Path which I shall take.
    Joining the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, I serve my Lord and Master continually.
    All my hopes are fulfilled; the Guru has ushered me into the Mansion of the Lord's Presence.
    I cannot conceive of any other as great as You, O my Friend, O Lord of the World. ||12||

  • At Tuesday, June 06, 2006, Blogger FaujKaur

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh

    This is a great post, and great blog!

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh

  • At Monday, June 12, 2006, Blogger Sikhi Seeker

    Thanks Puneet ji for the translations. It is a lovely shabad :)

  • At Friday, June 16, 2006, Blogger asdasjdhas

    Vaheguru, Have you seen Patthar Sahib? Not sure about the names, but its when someone threw a big rock on Guru Sahib, and his whole body was sculpted in the rock, science can't explain it, its a pretty recent discovery.

  • At Sunday, June 18, 2006, Blogger Puneet Kaur

    Gurufateh Ji

    I have never heard of such a place or any such incident ji!

  • At Sunday, June 18, 2006, Blogger Puneet Kaur

    Gurufateh Fauj Kaur Ji

    Thank you for your kind & encouraging words!

    Sikhi Seeker Ji:
    Am happy you liked the shabad ji.Though i had to search the web for translations:)

    I dont really understand each n every word in a shabad but there is always one line or the Rahao line which does sink in somewhere ji!

    Guru rakha always

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