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Har Amrit Bhare Bhandar Sabh Kich Hai Gharr Tis Key BalRam Jeeo
Each of us has some or the other wish, for we are all like a child no matter how old we become...For some wishes we go to our parents and they selflessly fulfill our wishes to the best of their they want to give us that joy that we derive from receiving that gift...whatever it may be.

But there are some things, some wishes...that we can only ask Guru Maharaj ..for everything is in HIS HANDS! If we surrender to HIM, have faith in the fact that HE shall decide the best for each one of us, we will surely receive what we want. But our wishes, our desires have to be in accordance with HIS HUKKAM... I know Maharaj is watching me, listening to me....I wish I could speak out my heart to HIM....for I know HE alone listens to HIS children....

Mahapurusha de pawan Bachan han ji ki assi pehle Guru de Barh te jaeeye...fir Maharaj aape saare karaj sawarange... Let us first become Guru de pyare, completely devote our lives to obeying HIS WILL...and then we can ask HIM for anything...

Few days back I got the opportunity to do Sukhasan sewa. After doing Rehraas Sahib, I did Ardas...and then took Hukkam... I didn’t really understand what the shabad meant but I felt very happy reading it. Below is the shabad...

sUhI mhlw 5 ] (777-19)
soohee mehlaa 5.Soohee, Fifth Mehl:
hir crx kml kI tyk siqguir idqI quis kY bil rwm jIau ] (777-19, sUhI, mÚ 5)
har charan kamal kee tayk satgur ditee tus kai bal raam jee-o.
The True Guru was satisfied with me, and blessed me with the Support of the Lord's Lotus Feet. I am a sacrifice to the Lord.

hir AMimRiq Bry BMfwr sBu ikCu hY Gir iqs kY bil rwm jIau ] (778-1, sUhI, mÚ 5)
har amrit bharay bhandaar sabh kichh hai ghar tis kai bal raam jee-o.
The Lord's Ambrosial Nectar is an overflowing treasure; everything is in His Home. I am a sacrifice to the Lord.

bwbulu myrw vf smrQw krx kwrx pRBu hwrw ] (778-2, sUhI, mÚ 5)
baabul mayraa vad samrathaa karan kaaran parabh haaraa.
My Father is absolutely all-powerful. God is the Doer, the Cause of causes.

ijsu ismrq duKu koeI n lwgY Baujlu pwir auqwrw ] (778-2, sUhI, mÚ 5)
jis simrat dukh ko-ee na laagai bha-ojal paar utaaraa.
Remembering Him in meditation, pain does not touch me; thus I cross over the terrifying world-ocean.

Awid jugwid Bgqn kw rwKw ausqiq kir kir jIvw ] (778-3, sUhI, mÚ 5)
aad jugaad bhagtan kaa raakhaa ustat kar kar jeevaa.
In the beginning, and throughout the ages, He is the Protector of His devotees. Praising Him continually, I live.

nwnk nwmu mhw rsu mITw Anidnu min qin pIvw ]1] (778-3, sUhI, mÚ 5)
naanak naam mahaa ras meethaa an-din man tan peevaa. 1
O Nanak, the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the sweetest and most sublime essence. Night and day, I drink it in with my mind and body. 1

hir Awpy ley imlwie ikau vyCoVw QIveI bil rwm jIau ] (778-4, sUhI, mÚ 5)
har aapay la-ay milaa-ay ki-o vaychhorhaa theev-ee bal raam jee-o.The Lord unites me with Himself; how could I feel any separation? I am a sacrifice to the Lord.

ijs no qyrI tyk so sdw sd jIveI bil rwm jIau ] (778-5, sUhI, mÚ 5)
jis no tayree tayk so sadaa sad jeev-ee bal raam jee-o.
One who has Your Support lives forever and ever. I am a sacrifice to the Lord.

qyrI tyk quJY qy pweI swcy isrjxhwrw ] (778-5, sUhI, mÚ 5)
tayree tayk tujhai tay paa-ee saachay sirjanhaaraa.
I take my support from You alone, O True Creator Lord.

ijs qy KwlI koeI nwhI AYsw pRBU hmwrw ] (778-6, sUhI, mÚ 5)
jis tay khaalee ko-ee naahee aisaa parabhoo hamaaraa.
No one lacks this Support; such is my God.

sMq jnw imil mMglu gwieAw idnu rYin Aws qum@wrI ] (778-6, sUhI, mÚ 5)
sant janaa mil mangal gaa-i-aa din rain aas tumHaaree.
Meeting with the humble Saints, I sing the songs of joy; day and night, I place my hopes in You.

sPlu drsu ByitAw guru pUrw nwnk sd bilhwrI ]2] (778-7, sUhI, mÚ 5)
safal daras bhayti-aa gur pooraa naanak sad balihaaree. 2
I have obtained the Blessed Vision, the Darshan of the Perfect Guru. Nanak is forever a sacrifice. 2

sMm@ilAw scu Qwnu mwnu mhqu scu pwieAw bil rwm jIau ] (778-7, sUhI, mÚ 5)
sammHli-aa sach thaan maan mahat sach paa-i-aa bal raam jee-o.
Contemplating, dwelling upon the Lord's true home, I receive honor, greatness and truth. I am a sacrifice to the Lord.

siqguru imilAw dieAwlu gux AibnwsI gwieAw bil rwm jIau ] (778-8, sUhI, mÚ 5)
satgur mili-aa da-i-aal gun abhinaasee gaa-i-aa bal raam jee-o.
Meeting the Merciful True Guru, I sing the Praises of the Imperishable Lord. I am a sacrifice to the Lord.

gux goivMd gwau inq inq pRwx pRIqm suAwmIAw ] (778-8, sUhI, mÚ 5)
gun govind gaa-o nit nit paraan pareetam su-aamee-aa.
Sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe, continually, continuously; He is the Beloved Master of the breath of life.

suB idvs Awey gih kMiT lwey imly AMqrjwmIAw ] (778-9, sUhI, mÚ 5)
subh divas aa-ay geh kanth laa-ay milay antarjaamee-aa.
Good times have come; the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts, has met me, and hugged me close in His Embrace.

squ sMqoKu vjih vwjy Anhdw Juxkwry ] (778-9, sUhI, mÚ 5)
sat santokh vajeh vaajay anhadaa jhunkaaray.
The musical instruments of truth and contentment vibrate, and the unstruck melody of the sound current resounds.

suix BY ibnwsy sgl nwnk pRB purK krxYhwry ]3] (778-10, sUhI, mÚ 5)
sun bhai binaasay sagal naanak parabh purakh karnaihaaray. 3
Hearing this, all my fears have been dispelled; O Nanak, God is the Primal Being, the Creator Lord. 3

aupijAw qqu igAwnu swhurY pyeIAY ieku hir bil rwm jIau ] (778-10, sUhI, mÚ 5)
upji-aa tat gi-aan saahurai pay-ee-ai ik har bal raam jee-o.
The essence of spiritual wisdom has welled up; in this world, and the next, the One Lord is pervading. I am a sacrifice to the Lord.

bRhmY bRhmu imilAw koie n swkY iBMn kir bil rwm jIau ] (778-11, sUhI, mÚ 5)
barahmai barahm mili-aa ko-ay na saakai bhinn kar bal raam jee-o.
When God meets the God within the self, no one can separate them. I am a sacrifice to the Lord.

ibsmu pyKY ibsmu suxIAY ibsmwdu ndrI AwieAw ] (778-12, sUhI, mÚ 5)
bisam paykhai bisam sunee-ai bismaad nadree aa-i-aa.
I gaze upon the Wondrous Lord, and listen to the Wondrous Lord; the Wondrous Lord has come into my vision.

jil Qil mhIAil pUrn suAwmI Git Git rihAw smwieAw ] (778-12, sUhI, mÚ 5)
jal thal mahee-al pooran su-aamee ghat ghat rahi-aa samaa-i-aa.
The Perfect Lord and Master is pervading the water, the land and the sky, in each and every heart.

ijs qy aupijAw iqsu mwih smwieAw kImiq khxu n jwey ] (778-13, sUhI, mÚ 5)
jis tay upji-aa tis maahi samaa-i-aa keemat kahan na jaa-ay.
I have merged again into the One from whom I originated. The value of this cannot be described.

ijs ky clq n jwhI lKxy nwnk iqsih iDAwey ]4]2] (778-14, sUhI, mÚ 5)
jis kay chalat na jaahee lakh-nay naanak tiseh Dhi-aa-ay. 42
Nanak meditates on Him. 42


I've done my Ardas, my Benti before I have to wait with patience and understanding...If my wish, my Ardas is in accordance with HIS WILL...then I will surely get it....

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  • At Tuesday, July 04, 2006, Blogger Khalsa@Cisco

    Vaheguroo... ji these are such beautiful thoughts Puneet! Thank you!
    May SatGuroo Ji keep you in Chardi Kalaa always!!

    Guru Ang Sang!

  • At Tuesday, July 04, 2006, Blogger Puneet Kaur

    Thank you once again ...and i wish the same for you!

    Guru Rakha

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