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Sodi Paatshaah...
This is a small attempt to share a sakhi of Guru Ram Das Ji… It is translated from a beautiful book in gurmukhi, authored by Gyani Amar Singh Ji. While reading the sakhi in gurmukhi, I felt as though a beautiful picture was being painted before my eyes… Gurmukhi or the Guru’s language is so full of warmth that one is transferred to that period… what I have obviously failed to describe [in my own words] or even translate is, to write about Guru Sahib…. And how I forget that am just a mortal…

The coversation that Guru Amar Das Ji has with Guru Ram Das Ji has been romanized so as to retain the original beauty of the same. I hope I am able to bring the same happiness to everyone, that I have experienced while reading it myself. Waheguroo ji ka Khalsa, Waheguroo ji ki Fateh !!

During the time period of Guru Amar Das Ji, the city of Govindwal was flourishing. Sangat would come especially to do Guru Ji’s darshan. During this time, Bhai Jetha Ji (who later became Guru Ram Das Ji) , came to Baasarke, to live with his maternal grandparents.

Bhai Jetha Ji was born in 1534 in Lahore to Mata Daya Kaur & Hardas Ji. However his parents passed away while he was very young. He then came to stay with his maternal grandparents at Basarke. When he heard about Govindwal & the praises of Guru Amar Das Ji, he left Basarke and came to stay in Govindwal.

Just before Bhai Jetha Ji left for Govindwal, a very significant incident took place that changed the course of his life.

His Naniji had bestowed on him the responsibility of selling ‘ghungreeyaa’ (boiled grains). One day as he left home to sell ‘ghungreeyaa’ , he met some holy men on the way. They asked him for ‘ghungreeyaa’ as they were very hungry. Bhai Jetha Ji sat down and offered them a handful of the same, thinking they will be satisfied with that. However, the holy men were not satisfied and asked him for more. Bhai Jetha Ji was so selfless & humble that he gave all the ghungreeyaa he had to the holy men.

Bhai Jetha Ji’s Naniji had given him the grains in the morning, thinking he would bring home some earning. When he returned home, Naniji asked him how much he had earned, to which Bhai Jetha Ji replied “Kuch vi nahi”. He narrated the entire incident to her but she couldn’t believe him. Bhai Jetha Ji was very hurt with Naniji’s words & so he left for Govindwal.

On reaching Govindwal too, he made a living by selling ‘ghungreeyaa’. As Lahore was easily accessible from Govindwal, many travelers en-route to Lahore would pass by Govindwal. Bhai Jetha Ji was very happy here to see the sangat. The sound of kirtan from the Guru’s Darbar filled his heart with happiness & peace. Twice a day he would pay respects at the Guru’s Darbar, while he sold ‘ghungreeyaa’ in the day. It is believed that when Bhai Jetha Ji called out to passers by, “Ghungreeyaa leh lo”, in his sweet, melodious voice, they would stop by just to listen to him.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj recited this Shabad remembering Guru Ram Das Ji :

Jaisa Satgur Sunidaa Taiso Hee Mein Deeth
Vichoreyaa Mele Prabhu Har Dargeh Kaa Baseeth
Har Naamo Mantra Driyaaedaa Katte Haume Rog
Nanak Satgur Tinna Milaaya Jinna Dhure Paeya Sanjog

Guru Amar Das Ji had two daughters; Bibi Dani Ji & Bibi Bhani Ji. Bibi Dani Ji was married while Bibi Bhani Ji was to get married. Guru Sahib jaare jaarn sann. He would sit quietly engrossed in the thoughts of Akaal Purakh. However his wife, Bibi Bhani Ji’s mother was very concerned about her daughter’s future.

One day while Bhai Jetha Ji was passing by the Guru Darbar and calling out “Ghungreeyaa leh lo”, Bibi Dani Ji’s mother asked Guru Sahib that their daughter was of marriageable age & they must find a suitable match for her. Guru Sahib Ji, jaaree jaarn sann. He asked Mata Ji, “Kidda ko larkaa horaa chaheeda hai?” Mata Ji had seen Bhai Jetha Ji a few times selling ‘ghungreeyaa’. However today she looked at him with much love & admiration. Bhai Jetha Ji had such noor & bakshish on his face that Mata Ji couldn’t help admiring him. She told Guru Sahib, “Jidda ko munda ghungreeyaa vechar vaala hai, eho jeha hi koyi hove, taa theek hai.

On hearing this Guru Amar Das Ji laughed and said, “Bholeeye! Eho jehaa taa kudrat ne eho hee paida kitaa hai, hor kitho hovega?” Mata Ji was taken aback with Guru Sahib’s words. She said “Maharaj! Mera matlab hai ki edda koh munda hovey.

Guru Sahib again said, “Oh bholeeye! hun kyu bharam karni hai? Iss jehaa eho hi hai.” Mata Ji became apprehensive now thinking, how could Guru Sahib give his daughter’s hand to Bhai Jetha Ji!

Guru Amar Das Ji sent a sewak to call Bhai Jetha Ji. On arriving at the Guru’s darbar, Bhai Jetha Ji kept the basket of ghungreeyaa on the floor, bowed before Guru Ji and sat down. Gyani Amar Singh Ji[the writer of this sakhi], wonders there was a time when Bhai Jetha Ji did Guru Amar Das Ji’s darshan from a distance and today Guru Sahib gave him the opportunity to do his darshan so closely. With his head bowed in humility, Bhai Jetha Ji asked “Ji Satguru Ji, iss nimaare layee ki hukkam hai?

Guru Sahib replied, “ Saada taa koyee hukkam nahi, par iss teri mata ji nu tere naal kam pai gaya si.” Guru Ji then looked at Mata Ji and asked, “Ki salaah hai? Iss vargaa taa eho jeha hi hai.” Mata Ji replied “Aap maalak ho, jivey theek samjhde ho, uve hi theek hai. Mein tuhaadi hukkam-adoolee dee aviggyaa nahi kar sakdi, na mein tuhadeeyaa door-darshi gallaa bare koyi andaaza hi laa sakdi haa, iss layi aap theek hi aakh rahe hovoge.

After listening to Mata Ji’s words, Guru Amar Das Ji asked Bhai Jetha Ji about his family & where he lived. Bhai Jetha Ji with utmost humility and respect answered all questions of Guru Sahib, and kept on repeating, “Paatshah! Mein ta yateem haa, gareeb haa, nitaara haa, par tuhade aasre te ithe Govindwal vich hi jeewan-nirbaah kar reha haa.

Nimaareyaa de maarn, nitaareyaa de taarn, nioteyaa di oat, niaasreyaa de aasre, nigatteyaa di gatt, nipatteyaa di patt, te nidhiniyaa di dhir baran wale Guru Amar Das Ji , smiled after listening to Bhai Jetha Ji and said, “ Assaa tera yateempura khatam kar dera hai, tennu apnaa puttar barah lehraa hai.” Wahegurooo....wahegurooo...

After saying these sacred words, Guru Amar Das Ji sent Bhai Jetha Ji to Lahore and told him that he would like his daughter wedded to him. Guru Sahib also asked Bhai Jetha Ji to now go and prepare for the wedding, and later if he wished he could return to stay with Guru Sahib.


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  • At Thursday, May 17, 2007, Blogger Balbir Singh

    Very nice saakhi,
    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ,Waheguru ji ki Fateh

  • At Thursday, May 17, 2007, Blogger upinder kaur

    Very well done Puneet!!!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful Sakhi

  • At Wednesday, May 23, 2007, Blogger Puneet Kaur


    Glad you liked the sakhi ji. Though reading it in gurmukhi brings out its real beauty... takes you to that time...immemorial!!

    Aunty ji, am so thankful to you for your help without which i wouldn't have been able to write the sakhi... am glad you have liked it ji :)

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